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learn the secrets to creating beautiful lettering | taught by Lisa Funk
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Lisa Funk
Lisa Funk

About the instructor

Lisa Funk is a hand lettering artist and creative founder of Hand Lettered Design. A life-long lettering lover, Lisa has created designs for brands such as Hobby Lobby, educational material for Crayola, and taught at major conferences. She and her partner Addi teach chalk art and hand lettering workshops and have now taught thousands of students. She is passionate about helping you live an intentional life, focusing on what matters most to you.

There’s a gorgeous lettering artist inside you, you just need to coax her out.

Yes, YOU!

Anyone can create beautiful lettering, you just need practice - and a few secrets to help you speed up your learning curve.

Join our FREE Unlock Your Lettering Class, and you’ll learn:

  • The lingo - all the terms you need to know to letter like a pro

  • My favorite secret for creating a lettering style all your own

  • How to jump into FANCY lettering (faux calligraphy and using brush pens)

  • The BIG mistake letters make, and how you can avoid it

Course Contents

6 Videos
10 Texts